getting some progress in my sons life

Martha - posted on 10/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




yes my son phillip don't want to breastfeed no more i was having troubles with that and now lets her baby sister breastfeed. he is fully potty trained took one week to train him but still have troubles with his aditude yet. he is a handful sometimes i have troubles with him running from me when we are out its hard because of my baby girl so any sugestions on how to keep him close to me while we are out other wise we are starting to stay home more often now because of his running from me he thinks it is funny and i try tell him it is unsafe to just run like that


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hi i got my son baby reins and he hated them but i saw another child with a bag that straps to them with reins on the back and he loved those and he never ran off again lol hoope i helped

Michelle - posted on 10/22/2009




it soulnd like you have a right little monkey on your hands!!! have you tried useing reins or a walking strap, garrunteed he wont like it at first, but he will have to get used to it, id rather my son be grumpy than running away from me.

im here if u need me, just mesage me if you need a chat/rant/cry ect xxxxx keep up the hard work hunni xxxxx

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