Grocery Store Adventures

Kristina - posted on 02/04/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




What is the part of the grocery store, or any store,experience that you dread the most, and why? The parking lot, waiting on line? Finding what you need? Keeping shoes on? Throwing fruit?


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Nicole - posted on 02/07/2011




I would have to say waiting in line. My little girl is so active that walking through the store and helping me shop isn't a problem..she LOVES it. Anything she can do to help is great but standing in line, we can't do anything but wait unitl we can put things on the belt..then she's interested again. Otherwise she wants to roam around and look at things or get something off a shelf that we know we don't have in the cart.

Jennifer - posted on 02/05/2011




Definately waiting in line. I have 4 kids, and it is impossible for me to keep all (but the youngest only 4 months) from at least grabbing something. My oldest who is 7 asked me the other day why there were so many candies and toys at the check out and I told him "only to drive Mommy insane!"

Marylea - posted on 02/04/2011




Waiting in line. My little lady wants to pull all the "num nums" off the rack ie chocolate bars, smarties and whatever else catched her eye. Plus she gets all antsy and won't stay put while we wait in line; always trying to run off. If I make her stay with me she'll start freaking out and then I get those "looks" from other people who obviously don't have kids. But for the most part my little one is good in the store.


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