has any other mom had almost three yr old get their toncils and adnoids taken out?

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my son will be three in june and the 19th he had his toncils and adnoids removed.poor little guy had to be put to sleep and then the hospital overnight stay with an iv in. he done really good and seems to be healing really well. they made is check up appt a month after the surgey tho..and the first week to two weeks hes had troble eating and swallowinh which is to be expected but doing great as of right now:) just wondering if any other mom has went threw this with their baby being so younge.


Melissa - posted on 03/30/2010




My daughter turned 3 in November and just had surgery on Feb. 22 she had a 2 cysts in her throat that needed to be taken out because they got infected from a sinus infection and the antibiotics were jsut not working for her so we saw an ENT dr. he said he would have to take them out. She had to stay in the hospital overnight and went home the next day but we just kept telling her it was going to hurt for a while but would make her feel better so she didn't have to keep taking medicines. I know it's not the same but it's hard to watch your young children go through surgery and not be able to do anything except tell them it will be ok.

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My son has congenital glaucoma and had his first surgery at 5 months. he has to keep going back to the Mayo clinic every year to get checked out. if he doesn't hold still for his eye pressure check (which is never) he has to get put under. the first time he had to have surgery in both of his eyes when we got back from the hospital, he still had anesthesia in his system. when it wore off he rolled over and couldn't see because they covered his eyes. so he didn't rub them or anything, he freaked after that. all night all he did was cry and sleep didn't eat or anything. so far he's had 2 surgery's in his left eye and one in his right. every time he goes he regresses. once we had him off the bottle, and on sippy cups, that didn't last long. he has even stopped talking before. he's three now, and we got done with an appointment at the beginning of March, they think his eye pressure is too high so we have to go back in six months and see if he needs surgery. This has definitely scared him, he has night terrors every time we go up there, but there's not much I can do. How do you tell a kid that young that every thing will be ok. Anyways, I do understand what your going through and if you need to talk to anyone, I'm here. I've been there and still going through it. It's nice to have someone there to say it's ok. and your kid will make it through.

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My children have never gone through this but I kind of want to say yay to the doctor. It seems young but I started having swollen tonsils when I was 2. It would come back frequently and my doctor kept telling my mom he wanted to wait until I was older for surgery. Well over time my body became immune to pure pennicillan (spelling). Then when I was 6 they checked my hearing to find out one side was way off. Off to the ear specialist. The pressure from my tonsils swelling caused my ear drum to about 6 times over a course of 4 years. Thankfully it was repairable and had to have that ear tubed but I can't hear as well on that side. If my doctor would have taken them out earlier, we could have avoided the ear problems.

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This is very young to have gone through such a big op. There must of been a very good reason to do this at his age. My son was 8 when he had it done due to a hole in the back of his throat and bounced back within days. His best friend also had it done the same day and took weeks to get back to normal. I do not know any body that has had this done so young.


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Amber - posted on 03/30/2010




thanx to the other moms who shared and to the moms with babies goin through surgey and sickness my heart goes out to you and i got a little taste of what its like..its a very scary and nervous feeling and hope all your babies get well sooN! i was ten when i got mine out ..they gave me so many probloems and i kept sick with it so they had to take mine and same for my bray ..his toncils stayed red and swollen and hes get strept almost everytime he got sick so we took him to the ear nose and throat doc and he said they needed to come out. we can tell a big difference in his breathing and sleeping and even the way he talks. it helped alot and im so thankful he has done so good with it.

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