Has anyone had their children so close that they are in the same year at school?

Anita - posted on 07/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My two were born 10 months apart and they have just made the cut off to be in the same year at school (it's like having twins lol). Has this happened to anyone else? Would you recommend putting them in the same year? One side of me thinks that it will be good for them (&me) being in the same year because they can look out for each other and they will be able to help each other out with schoolwork as they will be at the same developmental stage. But is it healthy (emotionally) for them to be in the same year? Any opinions?


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Faith - posted on 07/21/2010




My kids are 15 months apart. My younger one misses the cut off so they are going to be two years apart in school. At first we had a problem with this. They enjoy each other so much. How could we have them so far apart in school. We were going to have my son tested and put in at the same time, but the more we thought about it the more we realized that they need to learn to be independent of one another. It is good for them to experience things apart from each other. They need their "own" friends their "own" school experience. Ultimately it is your choice so you need to weigh all the factors and see what works best for your family.

Tammee - posted on 07/03/2010




My brother and I are only 10 months apart and I would have died if he was in the same year as me. It was nice being separated so that we could be our own people without clashing. Everything was enough of a competition with everything else. LOL. My two aren't that close, only 12 months apart

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