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My daughter is two next month and since being very poorly over christmas she is now not having a day time nap but falling asleep whilst I am making her dinner at 5 o'clock. I have tried putting her down after lunch but she will not sleep and giving her dinner earlier but she then falls asleep around 5.30pm. I have tried waking her but she will not, so then she wakes up a few hours later and is awake untill 11. She is a very active child and this keeps happening. she hasnot gone to bed at 7.30pm for a long time now. I have tried leaving her but she screams so loudly and for so long it is unbearable.any suggestions


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usually when a child goes to bed that late then they wake up later. I would try waking her up early, this may cause her to become more tired faster, it may take a while. Getting kids back on a certain sleeping habit is rather hard. And when she wants the nap at 5:30, try to keep her up. This may be horrible, but it will get her on schedule!

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What time is your daughter waking up in the morning? Try waking her up earlier and hopefully she'll be tired enough for an early afternoon nap and you can then get her back on schedule. My son was a night owl and use to go to bed at 10:30 or 11:00 but he also slept until 9:00 or 10:00 the next morning. His afternoon nap wasn't until 3:30 or 4:00 so the schedule was completely crazy! I started waking him up at 8:00 every morning and fought through the crankiness. I stayed consistent and it completely changed his schedule. He starting napping after lunch and was ready for bed by 8:00 at night. Good luck.

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2 year molars? Sometimes my daughter couldn't sleep because the pain was unbearable and I had NO clue because I couldn't see back there. she'd also just crash early later. It messed up the whole day schedule and sleeping schedule. I have laid down with or rocked at 2 years old if teeth is the case. Just to calm and soothe. Also, if there is tv on in the morning, she could be getting over stimulation and her mind will be exhausted, but can't wind down and relax. We have turned the lights out and put a chair next to the bed. She laid down and we sat and held her hand [sometimes i'd take a nap too!] and at least let her be calm in the room for half an hour or an hour. If she didn't sleep, she at least felt rested to get through the rest of the day. Poor lil thing, hopefully it gets better for you soon. May I also suggest if she falls asleep at 5/530 to only let her sleep 20 mins or 30 mins and then play with her until bed time and then lay down. too much sleep too early is probably what's making her think that was her "nap" and now she must need to be awake.

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For nap have you tried laying down with her?? Sometimes my son gets off his routine because of things that we are doing... so for a couple days I lay with him on the couch or in my bed. Sometimes he goes right to sleep and sometimes it takes a bit but eventually be gets back to normal.

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