He's biting me

Hannah - posted on 06/27/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do I get my 21 month old to stop biting me? I'm the only one he bites and he doesn't do it because he's angry or frustrated, he does it because he thinks it's funny.

So far all I have done is grab him and say "don't bite, that hurts mommy!" or something like that and when he keeps doing it i just end up leaving and going into a room with a door and shut him out (and he will stand there crying to get in)

What do I do???


Lynlee - posted on 06/27/2009




I think it is a stage they go through - our son did that a lot when he was about the same age and man it hurts. I got such a surprise a couple of times when he bit me on the bum and yelled out in pain. I sent him to timeout and then he had to apologise afterwards and I showed him the bitemark a few times and reminded him that he did that. He will still occasionally do it when he gets excited playing rough and tumble so we just warn him if he seems to be getting to that stage.

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