He will not stay sitting down??

Vanessa - posted on 07/16/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 16 month old little boy will not stay sitting down on the couch no matter what I do. I have tried time outs (he stands and cries until he turns red, then finally 10 minutes later will half sit in order to get out). I popped him on the butt and that didn't work. I have tried continually taking him off the couch every time he stands on it.....

Any ideas?


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My son had that problem for a little bit. I found that talking to him and telling him that big boys sit on the couch worked after a bit. I also realized that that was just his way of seeing his world from a different perspective and gaining some independence. of course, i always made sure that i was sitting on the couch in case he decided to stand, run, or try to fly off of it. Basically, it is just a phase that he is going through so try not to worry so much and he will grow out of it. God Bless!

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