Hello - I have a 15 month old who seems to cry intermittantly during the night (not enough to wake her up). I was wondering if anyone else has this issue and what one can do to make her sleep easier.


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Our son did that for awhile too. We think that he was having nightmares. Unfortunately, they're relatively common at that age. We would just go into his room and rub his back and he would calm down. Good luck!

Claire - posted on 01/30/2009




My son is 14 months and has been doing the same. I have started giving him some rescue remedy before bed which seems to help calm him down.

Victoria - posted on 01/29/2009




my 2year old does it, i'm glad that my daughter isn't the only one.. one night i heard her say "go away! go away!" i went to check on her and she was sound asleep.. i thought she might have been dreaming about her nannys and poppy's dog..she's scared of them and i mean she is a very happy child..

other nights i've heard her cry and when i check on her she's dead to the world.. so i dunno..

i think that might have to be something i'll have to ask the maturnal health nurse next time i see her.

Komal - posted on 01/29/2009




My son is 15 months old and he did that while teething and also he does it when he goes to bed later than his normal bed time. When he is over tired, he tends to cry at night. I have heard that its the opposite for babies/toddlers...they do not sleep soundly when they are too tired. Maybe adjust bed time?

Kristen - posted on 01/29/2009




My son does that too.  He's 14 months.  I have no idea what causes it or how to help it.  We hung black out shades, tried the sound machine, etc. etc.  I think it's growing/teething pains.  But, like you he never fully wakes up.  And he does it just long enough to wake us up.  I am glad to hear it's not just him. 

Gena - posted on 01/29/2009




My son did that for a while too...I think it was partly due to teething.  But, I got a "white noise" machine that I put in his room that seemed to help!  He now falls asleep to the sounds of waves:)

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