Hello! With winter coming now, I need to find activities to do with my year and a half old son. I have been guilty of putting him in front of the TV cause I just don't know of things to do with him at this age. Could you suggest some things for me?


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Tasha - posted on 12/10/2008




If you son tends to eat the fingerpaint and you want to do this- try adding a couple of drops of food coloring to vanilla pudding- no worries if he eats this, besides ruining his supper. I have also filled a shallow tote or container with bird seed and then they can play in that- my daughters love to drive trucks over the "rocks" that some of the seeds become. We also bake cookes/bread (and share with the neighbors so I dont' have to eat it all). My daughter who is15 mo really likes to be able to dump the ingredients in- looses most interest by time I have to use the oven.

For out of the house ideas- try looking for a playgroup in your area (there are lots of free ones out there an they are great for mom to socialize as well as the child to share), your local library also will likely have a section for kids and he can "pick out" some books.

Stephanie - posted on 12/10/2008




Thanks for the great tips. I love the playdough idea but my son won't touch the playdough yet. He thinks it's yucky. LOL!

Mae - posted on 12/08/2008




My daughter is almost the same age and we get out a HUGE sheet of paper and the crayons and we lay on the floor and color, she loves it. We also have washable finger paints that we get out too.

We'll put in a kids CD and dance and sing along and act silly and goofy. We'll make animal noises around the living room too.

Or we'll dig out a wooden puzzle and talk about the pieces as we put them on the board.

Even getting out her blocks and building things will keep her occupied for awhile.

And this winter we'll probably bundle her up SUPER good and take her outside to play in the snow for a few minutes too.

Even giving them a tub of water and some cups and toys to play with (in the kitchen with some towels or newspaper laying under it) and they have a lot of fun playing in the water (not sitting in it) but dipping the cups in and stuff. But...it can get messy! LOL

Kathy - posted on 12/07/2008




That was a hard age for me as well! I'm still afraid my daughter watches too much TV, hehe...I went out and bought crayons and paper (definately a supervised activity;), those wooden puzzles with the prongs- they are pretty inexpensive, too... my daughter loved those! It was around that time or maybe a little closer to 2 I also bought some playdoh... but that depends on the child, I guess...

Finger painting!!! She was a little scared of it at first, but then she thought it was really cool! But be ready for a bath after, hehe... Even a shallow tub with just water in it can be fun at that age-- Good luck!!! :-D

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