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My husband and I are getting our own house, finally, and I am going to try and break my 2 year old of sleeping with a sippy cup, potty train him and get him to sleep in his own bed not with us. How do I do this and what do I do first?


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Tasha - posted on 12/22/2008




I would maybe let him pick out some bedding for his new room and go to the bed in his room when you first move in, then he is used to that right away. Just remind him that you are there if he needs you. Best of luck in the move!

Susan - posted on 12/21/2008




Hi there... you didn't mention what was in the sippy cup. My daughter-4- still goes to sleep with a sippy, but it's water. She just likes to be able to drink lying down. It was tough when we transitioned from milk to water, but she adjusted in a few days. It was the same with sleeping in her own bed... we were just firm about it and she adjusted in a few days. Good luck and congrats on the new house!

Tanya - posted on 12/20/2008




My advice is to get him sleeping in his own bed first, then once you are moved in try to get him off the sippy at night-night and then potty train him. The transition of a new environment can sometimes cause the children to have set backs, such as you get them potty trained and then something traumatic, such as moving happens and you are back to square one. I hope this helps!

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