help 3 year won't poo in potty or toilet very good with pee pee


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Becky - posted on 10/19/2009




when u knows that ur 3 yr old gone pooh u pick ur 3 yr old up n put ur 3 yr old on his toilet n well u doing that make it as a game give ur 3 yr old a high five or samethin n put a poster up n let ur 3 yr old pick a mark down each time ur 3 yr old dose it n watch how easy it is for u....

Lady - posted on 10/19/2009




this is very common my third child was exactly the same. it's a lot more visual doing a poo and they have a harder time letting go. what i did and others have found works too is not trying to force the issue. just let them do it a nappy if thats what they want - even if they are wearing pants the rest of the time you can tell when they need to go and put a nappy on. then take them to the toilet after and flush the poo away letting them say goodbye. i know it sounds rediculous but it works. it might take a few weeks but they'll get there in the end. good luck!

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