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I have a two 1/2 year old girl. She is great but very hyper. I try not to keep her in her high chair but that's the only time I can get things done around the house. What can I do? I want her to be free and independent around her house or in her room but she goes everywhere. In the closets under the table. Takes the clothes out of the draws and out of the dirty clothes. I also have a now one year old. Its balance out things. What ever tips or advice or your ownd stories just to relate would be nice.


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I have a couple gates (one for our bedroom and one for my son's room) and have childproofed as much as I can. Locks on every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen and bathroom and even on the tv stand. Rooms that my kids aren't allowed into are kept closed. The gates aren't used as often anymore, but they came in handy when my son first started sleeping in his own room. It kept him from wandering around the house unsupervised.

The other big thing I've always done with my son is have him help me. He picks up his own toys if I ask. He loves helping me, so I let him. His everyday tasks are unloading the dishwasher (he takes them out one by one and hands them to me) and helping take out the garbage. I'm starting to let him help me make dinner a bit more and he's learning how to set the table. If you make it fun, your daughter will help you get the housework done. It will take a bit longer, but at least she's using up energy and your getting stuff done.

My advice would be to start your 1 year old helping out too. So then when he is older, it will be easier to get him to help out. My eldest started helping as soon as he started walking (15 months) and I intend to do the same with my 11 month old. Actually, I've noticed my younger son watching his big brother, and he's already started helping pick up toys when it's time to put them away. He'll push them toward the box and then big brother picks them up.

Good luck!

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I used baby gates like crazy lol. It gives her the freedom to run around but keeps her out of certain rooms you dont want her in. And they are also good to keep her in her room and let her learn to play in there. I wanted my little boy to stay in his room for a little bit while I cleaned but I couldnt stand to shut the door...So baby gates worked great for can get them at walmart to.

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When my daughter was that age she was like that too . I bought her a broom and a mop for when I needed to sweep or mop she would help me. I would take longer getting it done but it gave her something to do. Kids at that age like helping. Or just allow her in her room and where ever you are and close all the other doors so she wont make a mess any where else.

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I have my son help. He likes to throw things away, which usually takes a while, because I give him one piece of trash at a time. That way, he's running back and forth and using his energy, and I thank him every time. He also puts his own dishes in the sink, and helps me put his toys in his toybox. The toybox thing takes all day, though. He helps me pick it up, then stands there and throws every single toy over his head back into the room, then we pick it up again... it turns into a cycle pretty quickly, and I have to distract him when I've had enough... after the toys are put away again, of course. I know it's different for me because I only have one child, but those are some ideas of things both kids can do. Good luck.

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