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my 3 1/2 yr old everytime she get into trouble she starts crying and she does evrything to try not to go in the coner or her bed what can i do to aviod this she has been doing whatever she wants with out asking me 1st and that is one of my rules u need to ask mom or dad 1st please help me thank u


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My daughter does the same thing, she's the same age. My husband and I worked out a time out punishment that seems to work. Try finding a spot in your house like a corner that has nothing around that she can reach and play with. Put her in time out for her age. [3 minutes] and if she gets up she goes right back and you add another 3 minutes on top of it. It took a few times for my daughter to be put in time out to realize she had to stay there for 3 minutes, even if she's throwing her tantrum stay stern about it. The first few times you might need to sit close by or do something near the 'time out corner' so you can keep an eye on her to make sure she's staying there and make sure if she does get up you tell her that she gets 3 more minutes on her time out.

If she stays the whole time, ask her at the end of the 3 minutes if she's ready to get out of time out, if she knows what she was in time out for and if she can say "sorry" for what she did wrong. This worked for my daughter, and now .. usually about a minute and a half into time out, she'll call me over, give me a hung and say she's sorry.

Hope this helps you.

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I am an early education major and we have been told to always bend down and try to be eye to eye with the child. I would say when your daughter acts up get on her level and make sure she is looking at you and explain to her that her behavior is not correct and tell her what you expect from her. My daughter is 2 years and 4months and I do this with her and she knows what mommy wants from her. Good Luck just stay stern with her and she will figure it out.

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