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My 16mth old boy is in daycare but has still not yet been transitioned from the Infants (3mth -1year) and is showing no want to start communication verbally all he is saying still is Mum. Would you find this worrying and would you complain to the Daycare for restricting his advancement


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Alda - posted on 09/05/2010




I have the problem that I think people want to advance my girls too fast lol. They're 24 months, but born at 28 weeks, so although they're extremely bright girls they are still behind in their development.

As far as the talking goes, I wouldn't be too worried. My one has been walking for a year and talking for months. The other one has only been standing for a few weeks and doesn't talk yet (apart from saying bee-bee).

Rebekah - posted on 09/04/2010




Follow your gut instinct. Get your child transfered to the older kid's class, but also keep an eye on his speech. My family all thought I was crazy because I was so worried about my son's speech. He had been developing it normally until mid-winter when he started being sick and rashy. His speech practically dried up. No new words and old ones faded. We were exploring all possible reasons for his illnesses, including allergy testing. I also decided to have him evaluated for speech. The therapist, in turn, sent me to a hearing specialist who stunned us with the information that his inflamation in his ear drums was reducing his ability to hear! We found out he was allergic to wheat and removed it from his diet. We immediately began weekly speech therapy ( our insurance covered it, yours might too!). Two months later we got a perfect hearing test result. And an explosion in speech. We are almost ready to be dismissed from our speech therapy now and I can't tell you how glad I was to have finally figured out how to help him. Don't stop until you have a good answer and are getting results for him!

Sarah - posted on 09/03/2010




It may not be the daycare that is restricting his advances. To me a child is going to communicate verbally no matter if he is around newborns or if he is around 4 or 5 yr olds. He is still hearing people talk, people read to him, etc. So to me the daycare placement is not so much of why he is not communicating verbally. I would look into having his hearing checked and having an evaluation done by your local early intervention services. He might just be a late talker and one day he will start talking non stop....or there might be an issue that needs tending to and it is better to find that out now then later.

I do daycare out of my home and have kids from newborn to 4 yrs in my house. There is non stop talking going on, but each child develops at their own rate. Some of my kids are very verbal and others are not. But I did have one child that I watched that had some speech problems. He was in the same environment as all my other ones, but was not being able to say the ending of any of his words no matter how much you worked with him on it. It took the parents a long time to seek out an evaluation for him. Once they did he was too old for individual speech therapy and was only able to recieve group speech therapy, unless they paid for a private speech therapist. He really needed the individual speech therapy due to his speech issues, but due to his age he could not recieve it. So look at what else might be contributing to him not speaking.

Deborah - posted on 09/03/2010




The day care laura was in was 0-18 months then 18months - 3 years.

Laura was a late talker too, they even threatened her with speech therapy as she was nearly two, then all of a sudden she just started talking. Now she's far ahead of other childlren her age.

Thinking about its pretty much how she done everything, she doesn't seem to like to do anything as trial and error, she likes to know she can do it before she tries it..

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i agree with that at our day care it is higher for the 0-2 yrolds, but in saying that they also intergrate a 2 yr old to get them used to the 'big kids' situation there was one little girly there today who cryed the whole time over different things 'ie accedenally wet her cuddle bear, waking up in different room etc... tommorrow they'll star her out in the baby room and do the same again. i think that they should have room as they know how old every child is going to be that yr ,and they are required to do so. i hope it all works out for you

Melinda - posted on 09/02/2010




Ask your daycare if they would allow him to temp transition to the older class. Some children learn better when they are around children that are already talking. My child did not talk until I did this. He only pointed to what he wanted.Make sure that the daycare has room in that class for him. They maybe holding him back because they filled the class. If so you need to have a serious discussion with the director. Many daycares do this. (You pay a higher weekly rate for younger children)

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Maybe discuss with the daycare about when he will be transitioned. I have a dayhome and a 20 month old little boy who is only starting to talk. All kids move at their own rate, as long as he is ok in every other way then I wouldn't be concerned.

Dawn - posted on 09/02/2010




I would talk with them and see why they haven't transitioned him yet.....that should be your first step. Second, are you able to take him to a storytime or playgroup maybe once a week when you are not working?? And, I wouldn't be too concerned about the talking until 18 months and only if your pediatrican is concerned.

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