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My son is 3 in December, and he listens to absolutely everyone apart from me! I can't take him out without his pushchair by myself. He knows how to get to me and he is a master at ignoring me. I just flip eventually or let it go. I can't carry on like this. It's getting to me that much I hate going out with him. Like earlier this year I went to my best friend's wedding and I ended up taking him out the ceremony and crying in the corridor. I missed my best friend's wedding because my son wouldn't sit there for 5mins. I only saw her walk up the aisle and that was it.

I'm sick of Daddy being boss all the time. I can't control him and I'm losing control by the day.

My Son's Daddy is not his biological father, but he is his Dad. I've been with him for nearly a year and he's the best thing that came into our lives.

Daddy is boss and Mummy gets ignored most of the time.

Grandma is even listened to more then me and that really gets to me. Me and my mum don't see eye to eye most of the time and she hasn't the same parenting, and she's grandma she's "suppose" to spoil him and I tell her she can when he deserves it.

I need to gain control again and I've tried counting and the corner, shouting, ignoring and distraction.

please please I'll accept any advice.

thanks for reading my rant.


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Joli - posted on 10/10/2010




Try to take an activity away (tv or going out) or something he likes (his special toy) when he throws a tantrum. You could also send him to his room for five minutes. Give two verbal warnings beforehand. Consistency is key. I am a teacher...and this works for me in the classroom. Hope this works.

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Have you tried not allowing him to go anywere with you when my son was a toddler he went through a phase of not listing to me so he wasn't allowed to go anywere with me he stayed home or when to preschool but that was all after a week he was asking when he could go to the library and park I told him that when he listened and followed the rules he could go out with me again

Alisha - posted on 10/09/2010




hhmm i don't know the laws where you are at but here in NC you can spank your child just don't leave marks at least that's what i was told by a councilor you know a small swat on the butt has never done harm to a child when i mean swat i mean startle him with a tap on the but or a little harder cup your hand and make a popping sound it will startle him make him go huh and he might cry just don't loose control of your tempure. also tell your mom enough with the spoiling yes shes grandma but YOU ARE MOM NOT HER he needs to listen to you i don't care if it hurts her feelings he needs to listen to you first and for most and he needs to know that take away toys, and whatever privileges you give him. only you can spoil. hope this helps.

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