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before my daughter turned 2 she was a very easy going child who was both polite and loving, but since her birthday she seems 2 of turned into a "monster". everything is no and she has started playing up at bed ,( but use to sleep so well!!!) I know thats she is testing the boundaries, anyone have any tips on how the best way to deal with so called "terrible 2's"?


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Amanda - posted on 07/05/2011




haha I know exactly how you are feeling. My youngest daughter just turned two in February, but after four kids I finally have a few things figured out that work for us. Just stay consistant. Don't get mad and frustrated. If you do it's ok to walk away and give yourself a time-out if you need to collect your thoughts and calm down. I do this regularly! :) Stay firm as well. With all my kids we started introducing to them what time out was at just under two years. It's amazing how quickly they grasp on to this! And how well it works!! (It's recommended, one minute of time out per age of the child-until the age of ten). My daughter is slowly learning where the boundaries are and that there are consequences to bad actions, crossing those boundaries or not listening. It will take time but consistancy really is the key!! Good luck!!

Claudette - posted on 07/05/2011




Stay calm and stay firm...use comments like "Mummy doesn't like that!" Relax, it'll pass.

Rachel - posted on 07/04/2011




I went through some of the same you just need to stay calm when she does this and stay constant with discipline. Good luck and dont worry about it too much. she will calm down.

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