Help- Getting twins to sleep on time at night..

Nitya - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I have 9 month twin boys.... getting them to sleep at night is a major challenge, they drink their milk go to sleep by 10 pm, and then are awake crying by 11 pm, by the time they are pacified they want to play, they are sleepy but they still continue and by the time they go back to sleep its almost 2 am in the morning. I am exhausted...have tried everything from putting them in separate rooms, to what ever tips i read online.. nothing works...any ideas before i go crazy...


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Kate - posted on 05/09/2010




l call one of my 9 month old twins my insomniac. He is so hard to get to sleep, too. Putting him in his high chair and feeding him baby food relaxes him to fall asleep. There's nothing like a full tummy to make a baby sleepy. How long is it between when they last eat and bedtime? You could try feeding them right when you want them to go to sleep.

Jessica - posted on 05/04/2010




Oh the memories just came flooding back LOL!
I know how hard it is to get twins to be :( Mine are now 26months old now) and they were definatly a challange. I just had to let them cry for 10-15 min intervals. (which was really bad for one, b/c he would cry until he puked) After 10-15 min I would go in and check on them give them a kiss and lay them back down and tell them it was sleepy time and leave the room again. (OMG was it a hard couple of days (maybe even a week) but it worked! a week of no sleep and lots of crying for them to learn that bedtime was bedtime. Just make sure you don't put them down for naps too late in the day or else they won't be tired at night. and then it wouldn't be fair to them to leave them in their cribs alone.

Nitya - posted on 05/04/2010




Hi Kathy, ...rare days when they fall asleep and stay asleep and get up at 7 am, they have their milk and sleep till around 9 am, Then they get up, have their bath, feed, and sleep around 12.30 ish till 2.30. Then they get up, eat, play sleep again around 5 pm till 6.30 8pm i give them a bath. For example just today a while ago, they had their bath and had milk and were asleep by 9pm. It is now 10 pm and one of them is wide awake. I handed him over to my in law's who stay downstairs. I am with the other twin, and patting him off to sleep when ever he should i make them sleep at 7 pm...its crazy.. one of them actually used to sleep thru the night from 9pm till 6am at 4 mo's old.without ant effort from my side. Now how much ever i try they dont sleep.

Kathy - posted on 05/04/2010




trying to get twins to bed is hard but doable. they are waking at night because they're going to bed too late. 10pm is a late bedtime for 9mos old babies - they should be going to be around 7pm (depending on when they nap).

how are their naps, when do they nap and for how long? they should be on either 2 or 3 naps. if they're on 3 naps still, you can probably put them to bed at 730pm at the latest; if only 2 naps, 7pm is good.

you can keep them in the same room but maybe in separate cribs and with a white noise machine between the cribs so they don't wake each other up.

is there someone who can help you put them down?

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