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my 7 month old had been sleeping right through the night, going down after 8 and sleeping till 7the next morning, but in the last month she has started getting up for a feed. I have tried giving her rice or porriage followed by a bottle of milk, before putting her down. I have put her on to the hungrier baby milk, (cow and gate) but nothing is working. I have also tried keeping her up for and extra hour or so but nothing is working, if anyone has any ideas, please get in touch thank you.


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Kim - posted on 02/04/2011




My son did this too at that age. If you know that she has been feed and shouldn't be hungry then it may be something else. They tend to change schedules when they are having growth spurts, or teething. If these are what it is, eventually she will go back to her regular schedule. Just make sure she is getting plenty of calories during the day from foods. Porriage may not be enough at this age. My son loved sweet potatoes, and bananas. Good Luck.

Krissy - posted on 02/02/2011




Growth spurt could cause the demand for extra food... but so could getting older and just having to learn to put self back to sleep. Try not to respond too quickly, and also try to get baby to fall asleep on own most of the time... if you rock to sleep for naps and bed times, then child can't put selves back to sleep in the middle of night either.

Or, as I said, might be growth spurt, and could stop after a bit on it's own. If you start to feel it's child's way of getting you to put them back to sleep instead of actually being hungry and eating... then you might try letting baby cry a little longer each night before responding... see if eventually the baby puts itself back to sleep.

Allie - posted on 02/02/2011




She's probably not REALLY hungry and is just going through a phase... If I were you, I would continue doing rice/bottle before bed and start doing the CIO method at night time... If you're not comfortable doing the CIO method then talk to your pediatrician for more tips and suggestions.

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