help, i can not get my 22 month old boy to eat?


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Quoting tracie:

help, i can not get my 22 month old boy to eat?

i have tried everything, please help

I think if you are as worried as you sound take him to the doctor and if the doctor doesnt help with your worries I know from my own experience that MOST child dieticians are more than happy to chat on the fone to you or to get you and your child referred. Its worth it, with my little girl we had one appointment where the dietician told me she was fine and healthy and the fact that she wasnt eating alot was a phase and that at some point she would pick up. She still hasnt picked up but she also still hasnt had anything wrong. But seriously your best option is to put your mind at rest and check it out with some professionals. Any proffesional doctor etc who would tell you that you have wasted their time is not worth the wages they are paid. Most doctors will just tell you you are worrying for no reason but thats great to know when you spend lots of time fretting like I do.


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Crystal - posted on 04/11/2010




I have been having this problem for a while now too. I have a niece that was like this and my sister just told me that she eats when she wants, she still gives her food, but the little one just picks at it. So I also Try to not give her anything to drink with food, and if she still doesnt eat I give her some of that pediatric meal replacement things, I give her 4oz,with 4oz of milk, and that way at least she gets some vitamins. But all kids go through stages like this, sometimes they eat a lot, and sometimes they don't. Good Luck.

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My toddler will rarely eat when I feed him, he will also not eat when I fuss over him. Usually, when I lay pieces of food on his high chair, give him a book or a toy to look at and walk away, he is quite happy to feed himself and look at his fav. object at the same time. He will allow himself to be fed when he is very hungry, when he very much likes what he is eating or when one of us is eating. Hope this helps.

Preetishivkamat - posted on 04/07/2010




hello there,

Am sure by this age, your baby has some FOOD FAVOURITES.

For example: Spread Jam, cheese or his favourite spread on bread,etc and cut them into long wedges, like Potato fries. Make a house or his favourite toy pic on his plate with white background or plain background.

SHow him how each wall is getting build while u make it. THen ask him to pick his favourite wall, ONe after another.

You are lucky, even if he attempts to pick and taste the strips of bread spread.



Christy - posted on 11/01/2009




Can you get more specific? Is he not eating people foods, baby food, or no food? My 29 month old still struggles with eating. Won't feed himself with utensils, have to feed him. He does eat crackers and SOME finger foods. Every state has an ECI program (Early Childhood Intervention) that is free (most of the time based on income) I am using them now for my son to learn to talk and eat. He is behind in terms of milestones but slowly catching up.

Kristin - posted on 10/28/2009




If he has any symptoms of illness take him to the doctor. Babies also have problems eating when they are teething. Sometimes it could also be atmosphere. If a baby sees toys or the TV is on while he is eating he may just be distracted. As a mother of two boys, I always take my moms and doctors advice the best (when they are healthy of course) ......."He will get hungry......when he is ready he will eat." I was horrified at first of their response because I did not want my babies to be malnourished or anything but their advice was totally true.....they will eat, and usually when they go through a period of not eating and then all of the sudden eat constantly most likely means they are going through a growth spurt. Your little guy may just be going through his first little "growing pains." Good luck!

Christina - posted on 10/28/2009




if hes teethin he will have red gums and loads of drooling as long as he drinks fluids he will be ok dont worry too much just give him nurafen for kids and try dentinox teething gel

he could have a stomach upset then he wont want to eat but as long as he drinks fluids

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