help me please my 2 yr old freaks out when ever I want to take him outside

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my 2 yr old son freaks out when I ask him if he wants to go bye bye he starts to cry and say no bye bye no bye bye he wont even let me dress him . this all started about two months ago and I don't know what to do to make him go outside on his own...the only way he goes out is if I'm with him and where going bye bye in his nana's ( grandma) car other wise he wont go outside he wont walk with me to the park, beach .. anywhere. it's becoming very stressful on me because i just don't understand why out of no where he doesn't want to go bye bye with me or anyone not even his nana unless it's in her car. he wont even go bye bye in someone else car . we use to go out all the time and it was never a problem .. please help me if anyone has or is going thru the same thing please let me know what I might be able to do to break him out of this


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My son recently did this, I stopped telling him that we were going. I just got him ready and put him in the car. He would get upset and I would calmly tell him it's alright and he needed to stop that. I would tell him that I was going to drive or his dad was and I would ride in the front seat. After doing that for a little over a month, he has settled down. He will still tell us he doesn't want to leave if we ask him, so we don't ask, and then he goes willingly.

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