Help !!!! My 2 year old boy used to be really good at going to bed and sleeping all night, now he keeps getting up and down till bout 11pm, falls asleep but then is up bout 4ish wide awake, not wanting to lay in bed but wanting his bottle. Any suggestions??? I need my sleep!!!

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Josie - posted on 02/04/2009




hi i had the same problem wiv my son dylan who is 2yrs and 4months and its only lately that his been sleepin though the night. The way i got round this is not to let him sleep though the day and to give him his dinner about 4/5pm then by 7 i bed him down and he goes straight of 2 sleep where his so tired but i also put a bottle by his pollow so if he needs a drink its there with him and then he goes back to sleep i hope this helps you out like it did me

Nicole - posted on 02/02/2009




try skipping a nap every other day.. at that point they sometimes down need them EVERYDAY.. and also as the one ladie commented that making sure the naps that they do take is pretty early in the day... if it takes a while to get them to nap then start earlier and they will be to sleep around a good time....

AmyLee - posted on 02/02/2009




We have the exact same problem, only when my little man comes & gets in our bed & will not budge unless it results on me putting him in his room... like I do when its normal bedtime only to have to sit & listen to him make hiself sick because he gets in such a state. I even wondered at one point if there was something in his room he didnt like or was scared of so to speak......

I've tried every trick in the book when it comes to bedtime ''routines'' but still havent found one that works for us as of yet................. Any tips would be great, LOL xxx

[deleted account]

Hi, We too have been having a similar problem.  Our 2 year old daugter, Emily, has always been a great sleeper and went to sleep really easily until recently.  Her day and night sleeps have been a nightmare with her getting up and down out of bed until she is exhausted and so are we!  I've experimented with a few different routines and have found that the best one for her is for her to have a day sleep at 12.45pm (no later than 1.30pm) and then if she's not awake by 3pm I wake her up.  That means by 7pm she is tired enough to go back to sleep and she has been staying there until around 6.30-6.50am - which is great as previously she as waking at 5.30ish every morning. Also in the lead up to going to sleep she likes to have the same routine each and every time, otherwise she gets a bit out of sorts.  We do milk, brush teeth, read 2 stories (I'm very firm with this as she wants me to keep on reading) and then I tell her it's time to sleep.  I'm crossing my fingers as it seems to be working (for now, anyway!).  Good luck!

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