help!! my daughter is nearly 13months old and still will not sleep through the night any suggestions? at the moment im trying that goodnight milk

Stephanie - posted on 04/30/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




im already trying good night milk and have tried cutting down naps in day and letting her sleep in day????


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Helen - posted on 04/30/2009




Hiya, I have a nearly 16 month old, and he doesnt sleep through the night either....i have tried leaving him to cry (half hour or so), it doesnt work, i have recently tried putting one of his blankets like the base sheet to make the bed snuggly, he wakes up a lot less, and goes off to sleep happily, when he wakes in the night i dont make a fuss, just go in lie him back down and he goes off again...i have tried a ticking clock, white noise, night lights on and off, essential oils, teddies, no teddies...hes just a light sleeper... i tried cutting down naps, i made afternoon one earlier blah blah...i just ended up with a tired crabby boy, who then woke up more times..I dont give drinks in the night, or cuddles, if he has to have a drink its out of a cup, so there isnt the need for cuddles, so give it a go, blanket below and above her/him and see what happens. good luck its hard, trust me i know!!

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