Help my son is climbing everything!!!!

Amanda - posted on 04/10/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son will be 2 in may and has been climbing everything since 1 1/2 . it has gotten to the point where we put the kitchen chairs up on the table so he wont climb, but he uses everything i.e his potty, toys, wipe boxes,... please help. any suggestions???


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I have a monkey too.
It has been a challenge, BUT we have managed to teach him and convince him that there are some things that are appropriate to climb and others are not.
We have taught him he can climb up on the dining room chairs and SIT at the table. However he makes one move to get up on that table and he is back to the floor.
We eventually just moved the fish tank to our office because we could not get him to stop climbing the side coffee table to stand up lift the lid off the 20 gallon tank and try to catch the fish.
Our stairs have gates at both the top and bottom. He knows that if he climbs the toy shelf in the living room he will have to come sit with me and stop playing.
Since the spring weather finally arrived we encourage him to climb on the little tikes climber we have in the backyard and go to the local park where we also encourage him to climb appropriate things.
He's been in a toddler bed since he was 15 months old because he figured out how to shimmy up his crib rails and face planted himself (onto the pillows I had laid out because I just had this feeling he might try it).
He was taught how to get up and down off the couch properly and again if he stands on it he is immediately removed from it and kept to the floor for a short time.

We certainly felt like broken records constantly saying things like:
"Chairs are for sitting on"
"Tables are for eating at, not standing on"
"Fish are not toys"
"Shelves are for toys not kids"
I also felt like I was getting quite the work out with the constant lifting to the floor and occasionally having to hold him from returning and repeating the climbing act.

My Mother informs me this is pay back for what my twin sister and I did to her at the same age. As well as for when we were 9 and we took our 7year old brother up to the top of a 35 foot tall pine tree (it was awesome the branches went up like a spiral stair case! And I think I was about 16 before I realize why lunch had not been ready when our mother told us to come down for lunch --smart on her part, she knew if she yelled at us we would panic and more likely to fall so she gave us a common sense reason to need to come down out of the tree).

Good luck!

Crystal - posted on 04/11/2010




I like what Renae said. I also recommend putting couch cushions on the floor in your living room, and let him climb to his hearts desire. let him climb some things. I let mine climb up on the dining chairs, I just watch her constantly. She doesnt tend to fall, but sometimes you just never know, especially during a growth spurt, cuz she is clumsy then. But you could move your dining chairs to your living room and lay them on their back, and then he cant fall from too high, eventually he will learn not to climb. Good Luck.

Renae - posted on 04/10/2010




I feel your pain! My now 11 yr old was like that, and I am reliving it with my 18 month old! She walked at 9 mos and started climbing soon after... We tie the chairs to the table legs so she can't drag them around. Her newest trick is climbing up the port-a-crib and balancing on a chair arm to sit on top of our 45-gallon fish tank!

I keep all the doors closed at home to keep her constrained to the room I am in so I can keep an eye on her. We take the ladders off the older kids bunk beds, and move all the nonessential stuff into rooms that can be closed up. We try to go to a local playgroup once a week where she can safely climb on toddler appropriate equipment and in the summer we hang out at the park as much as possible. I figure she may as well get good at it!

My 11 yr old son is now a master tree climber and we have him at the rec center on the climbing wall all the time. Best of luck!

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