Help my son seems to have seperation anxiety!!!!

Paula - posted on 09/24/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a two and half year old son who cries everytime i wlk out of the room. I have a one and half year old girl and she does not do this. He cries even when i go to the bathroom and i leave him in the living room. I can't have anyone watch him cause all he does is cry. HELP any suggestions on how to stop this?????


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Brandi - posted on 09/24/2009




i would suggest that you just tell him "mommy's gonna go byes or to the potty. i'll be back very soon" and just go. If you are leaving the house Hugs and kisses Bye mommy loves you see you in a couple hours so and so is gonna take good care of you and just leave. If you draw it out or make a big deal about it, his anxiety will go up. If you make like it's no big deal he'll think its no big deal.

Jessica - posted on 09/24/2009




my son had this too. when i went to the bathroom i origionally left the door cracked & explained to him that mommy was going potty & ill b right back & if he needed me to come in. eventually he was fine when i left 2 go to the bathroom. then i started completely shutting the door & it all started over. i had to lock the door & let him cry while i used the bathroom & i would open after i was done & say mommy is right here & everything is fine. we also started playing hide & seek & this seemed to help A LOT!!!!!!!! because he would look for me & find me & he started to enjoy me hiding from him. he cried horribly when he went to daycare for the 1st 6 months but he would cry when i left & after 10 mins he was over it. & i would always come back. i would only leave him in for a couple hours a day & i slowly started leaving him longer & longer. he had problems talking due to ear infections & he needed tubes in his ears & once he started speach therapy he was a different child. now when i go & grab my purse he runs in the room & says bye mommy & gives me a kiss. one of his daycare teachers watches kids on the weekends so he would see her all week @ school & on saturday he would be used to seeing her. now she works at a preschool that he will be attending in a few months when he turns 3 so now its a treat to go to her house on saturdays. hope this helps.

Tamar - posted on 09/24/2009




Does he cry the whole time ur out of the room or is it just when u first walk out, have u tried to leave him with a family member he knows so he will learn that mummy cant be there al the time. How about getting him interested in an activity before you leave the room, maybe colouring in or a game he enjoys. My daughter has been going to a childminder since she was 9months and is now over 2years old, i have noticed that if the childminder has something for her to do as soon as I walk in the house to drop her off, she doesnt cry but other times if she sees im about to go she will cry. However when im not even out the front door she realises I will come back. It is just making him aware that you may not be there all the time but u will come back. hope this is of some use!! just stick at it, leaving him for 5mins and increasing this time and praise him everytime you come back for being such a big boy! good luck.

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