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I can not figured out what's going on with my 14month old.For last 5days she doesn't want to sleep,she will scream for hours over nothing or i assume is nothing.She's clean.bottle,bathed,etc.She hasn't had a fever but she will dig in her ears,I just took her to the doctor they said there isn't anything wrong with her they say just to let her cry it out and deal with it.I cant do that bcuz its starting to cause problems w living situations and it's causing alot of arguments becuz my bf works 3rd shift and he can't sleep once he gets home.I'm 7months pregnant had total of 6hours of sleep since monday becuz of this and i don't know what to do she has green runny poo they even said she wasn't teething.


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0 Paediatrition says that green poo is always a sign that something is not right. He says it is usually indicative of some sort of viral infection either in the throat or in the stomach. The fact that she is scratching her ears but has no ear infection could mean that she has a sore throat and the Eustachian tubes are blocked (my baby has this now so that is why I am suggesting it). My paediatrition usually prescribes probiotics for viral stomach infections and ibruprofen for sore throats. These have worked for my children. Any doctor who says there is nothing wrong with a child who is screaming in the night and has green runny poop is not very good in my opinion. Perhaps you need to take her to a different doctor.

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I would also say she may be teething. It was similar with my daughter, and she was like that well before you could see or feel any teeth trying to poke through. I found teething tablets to work pretty well for her. I also tried to baby her for those rough days, laying with her til she fell asleep, etc. Then when she started feeling better, which was always after the tooth finally broke through the gums, we returned to normalcy. Good luck and I hope she feels better!

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I second the teething. The poop, the screaming, the not sleeping. Gotta be teething. My daughters had the same symptoms.

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she very well could be teething. has she gotten her one year molars or her canine teeth yet? those hurt a lot. my daughter got all four molars and four canines at the same time. she was up all night, off and on and didn't nap well for about two weeks. she could also be going through some separation anxiety; kids also feel stress and changes and don't know how to express them. she may be reacting to your pregnancy. though you still have a bit to go she "knows" something is going on and doesn't know how to cope with it. cuddle her the best you can, give her motrin or tylenol for teething (if you don't mind a little meds otherwise research other methods to relieve teething pain). your bf needs to understand that sometimes kids go through phases or have situations that they don't know how to handle. he needs to get over it.

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I would say teething or ear ache, take her back to the doctors sometimes it takes time for the infection to show up, after the pain has started. And I would tell your bf to man up, children get poorly it's life.

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