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Maria - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3 and a half year old has been using the potty for wee for some time now. He won't sit down on the potty which is fine when he needs to wee but number 2's are a struggle. He complains that his stomach hurts and although i explain that this is because he needs to go to the toilet he refuses to go until his body will not hold it in any more and then we have the crying and screaming fits as he struggles to hold it in. This can't be good for his body and i am concerned for him. I have now started putting pull up pants back on him to catch it but this is a step back from the good progress we were making. Can anyone offer any advice on what else i can try?



Marci - posted on 03/04/2010




I have a little 2 year old and he is potty training right now and I had the same problem with him holding it and then being so constipated that he would cry and scream when it did come. I tried several things. First I bought him poop toys, I know that sounds really weird but my son LOVES cars so I bought a cheap pack of cars that he liked and put them in the bathroom where he could see. I would let him know that everytime he pooped he would get one. Also I put colors in the big toilet so he thinks it's cool to see the water change. I know it has nothing to do with nuber 2 but it makes him excited cause I let him choose what color. I hope that helps.

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