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A slight twist on other posts, my 15 month old is highly advanced for her age.

She's been walking for 6 months and has a wide range of words that she is able to communicate such as nose, shoes, juice, dog, yes, no (both boundary pushing and emphatic), car, go and gone beyond the normaly mummy, daddy, grandma and grandad and understands and can non-verbally communicate so much more. She has already starting with the 'terrible 2's' temper tantrums.

She is even doing tasks that some of the older children around her (childcare) are still struggling with at 2 and 3 years i.e. climbing up the 5+ slide on her own (very scary when I spotted her).

Obviously I want to encourage her but I am unsure how to progress. We have a couple of variations of 'Where's the ....' games where I ask her where her mouth is (and she points) or asks her where the toy cat or turtle is (and she fetches me the appropriate animal). Can anyone give me any advice?


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Jessica - posted on 06/07/2009




just a note to help don't just name the fruits and veggie but describe them (color, texture, anything that you can add). They say that a child from a professional home generally end up with a much larger vocabulary because the parents don't use the word "no" quite as much. When they go to the store in stead of saying no don't touch that they use the time to describe the object that has caught their child's attention. they also use everything as a counting game always encouraging them to count with them and teach small math problems to ((1+1=2) we have one apple if we get another one we will have two apples so one plus one is two) every part of a child's life is a chance for you to teach.

Leanne - posted on 06/07/2009




I can understand where your coming from,my daughter was about 17 or 18 months when she could point to 22 parts of her body and got them all right.My little girl has a very good memory.She has always been mature for her age and is now 2and a half.She knows her age,her name and her address she can also spell the letters in her name when i point to them.She recognizes her name and knows all her colours and counts to 14 which she has been doing for a long time now.It only took me 2 times to teach her the alphabet and she remembered it and was saying it all the time after that.My daughter was 8 weeks prem when she was born,but amazed the doctors as she did not have any help with her breathing,pretty much did it on her own.So l always believe every child is special in their mums eyes and will develop at their own will learn what they want to when they are ready to.My daughter is very independant which i think is good and understands instructions very easy.Just keep doing what you are doing with her and praise her evrytime she does new things.Good Luck

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My 19 month old is working on a big vocabulary (50+ words) at 18 month check-up. Keep talking / singing to her.

Right now my daughter is really into a lift-the-flap board book that has shapes, colors, opposites, etc. She loves shapes & color pages. So then we point to all the circles we see, etc. I've also posted large shapes printed from the computer & taped to the wall & help her identify.

And my favorite book for us is Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander. It gives a hands on activity to do each week until the child is 5. Some I've skipped or tempered due to choking hazards (even supervised - I'm paranoid). But you know your child best. I'd recommend checking it out from your library & try a few of the activities. My library had the older version & had to order it from another library. But it's still great.

Thanks to Diane Carle for the idea about naming the produce in the supermarket. I'll have to try that.

And don't forget the art & joy of free play (with toys that aren't electronic) just to exercise imagination. :)

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She is a big fan of the Lionman and any AnimalPlanet show with big cats. when she was a baby she spent most of her time watching the news or any factual program that I happened to be watching. We've gone off that a bit with awareness of In The Night Garden but we may go back to that.
Thanks for the advise. Anyone else that has any more would be welcome.

Diane - posted on 06/05/2009




My daughter was just about the same (she's 2 now). My husband and I just keep talking to her. They are such little sponges it's hard to say what they pick up and what they don't. At this point, she can speak basic conversational spanish, count in chinese, and as far as english she's just talking up a storm. I'm also a little stuck when it comes to "how do I take it farther" idea, so I just expose her to as much as possible.

One thing I like to do with her is watch TV. I know, I know to much TV is bad. But I'll put it on animal planet and tell her the names of the animals we see. Or I'll watch Dora or something and play the games with her and sing the songs. I'll even put it on the history channel and tell her about what we're watching. When my husband takes her to the grocery store he always take her thru the produce section and they go over the names of all the friuts and veggies. I guess we figure as long as we keep talking she'll keep learning.

Gemma - posted on 06/05/2009




i wouldnt worry to much my little 1 is 19months and she does the same like when i ask her where her belly button is she will show me then show me where mine is and she loves climing up big slide to im not a big fan of her doing it but its a nightmare to stop her and she loves cleaning when you give her a cloth and helping me get the washing out so i wouldnt worry but if you are then ask the health visiter?

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