Helping your child to learn

Karen - posted on 03/08/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I try to help my son to learn in the evening he's a very active child, but even when he know things he still acts like he doesn't I don't know why?


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/07/2011




play based learning is the best..they don't realize they are being taught ..yet they are learning and aren't bored

If you want to teach counting..use some blocks..if you want to teach colors...use the colored blocks or read a book and have him point out the red hat or something..just as an example.

Louise - posted on 03/09/2011




Children learn through play and repetition and one key skill to teach your child is concerntration. Start by getting him to listen to stories or play snap or pairs, where he has to concerntrate on each card. If he can learn to sit still and concerntrate you will have much more success in teaching him. Boys especially do not want to settle down and learn and if he feels he is being forced he will rebel and pretend that he is learning nothing. Just remember make learning fun and he will learn faster and be willing.

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