Hey, how do you gals successfully wean your child?

Annie - posted on 09/06/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby is 15 months and he still loves breast milk. I tried a few times not letting him have it during the night time, but it was out of luck. He'll cry until he gets it. I also co-sleep with him. Maybe that's the reason that it is harder to wean him.


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I also co-sleep and that can contribute to the problem. What I did was introduce a bottle of water. My eldest was still occasionally having night feeds at about that age too, but it was more out of comfort than anything else. So at night if he woke I gave him a bottle of cooled, boiled water. He stopped waking at night pretty quickly after that.

Make sure he's eaten enough in the day (especially at dinner time), that way you'll know he shouldn't be hungry. When he goes through growth spurts, he may revert to night feeds again (mine did), but it won't last for long. My son used to eat almost constantly when he was going through a growth spurt.

Are you just trying to wean the night feeds or wean him completely off breastmilk? Babies will self-wean off the breast completely, when they are ready. So if you can keep going and are not opposed to it, go with it. There will come a day when he'll just decide to stop.

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