hi all i have a nearly 3 tear old toddler who i have been toilet training 9 months but im beginning to think he doesnt seem to get the sensation you get when you need to use the bathroom,he ends up running to the toilet when its coming down his leg.also it smells quite strong!!! should i get this checked out or is it that he just couldnt be bothered.


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Meghan - posted on 07/12/2011




he may just not be ready. my oldest two were a little over 3 when they finally got it. They decided when they were ready for themselves, not worth a huge fight when they're just not there yet. He probably just doesn't recognize the sensation quite yet.
as for the smell, make sure he is drinking enough water... aka LOTS ... too much juice, soda, milk or anything that's NOT water can make it smell strong. plus if he gets a multi-vitamin it could just be the vitamin that makes it smell strong. Certain vitamins, like B vitamins can do that

Jennifer - posted on 07/11/2011




It also depends on how old the child is as well as the child. If you started at 2 years as I did with my firstborn, it took her months to start to catch on and by the age of three she was potty trained during the day. Shortly after that she was potty trained at night, too. But my youngest niece, who turned 3 in February, will not go on the toilet. My younger daughter, who's almost 22 months, will go on the toilet, KNOWS when she has to make she she or doo doo, and was doing really well for a while, not having very many accidents at all when she didn't have a diaper on, telling me when she had to go and making what she said she had to make, but since the toilet flushing in a next stall while on the go (and before I had a seat for her for on the go!) scared her, now days will only tell me and go on the toilet (with a special seat on top of the toilet) whenever she FEELS like it. I'm trying to figure out how to get her to go all the time these days. It might just be that he's not ready.

Naomi - posted on 07/07/2011




well all i can say is it took my wee lad almost a year to potty train,i put it dwn to laziest wit him,took his dsi for few days in end and tat work,

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