Hi everyone. I have two sons aged between 3 and 4. I'm having some trouble for them to clean up their room, any tips on ways for me to teach them it's their responsibility to look after their toys and room?? (I always have to fight with them first)


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Laurie - posted on 02/23/2009




My mom always took away the toys we left on the floor. She would hide them in the closet for a week or so depending on how we did with our room. We usually were so scared we'd lose the rest of our toys that our room would be spotless. LOL!!! My oldest daughter keeps her room really neat (even though she shares with her younger sister). So I really don't have to do things like that myself.

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We used to play a certain song when it was pack-up time when I was teaching preschool.  The kids would know that's what they did when the song was playing and they'd have to get it tidied by the end of the song.  It made it fun.

We have a rule at home that we can't take out something new until the last thing is packed up.  That way the kids don't feel like it's such a huge task and they have motivation for cleaning up!

If it's something that can be sorted (like colours) you could put one colour away at a time (or whatever the group happens to be.  It can teach them something at the same time.

Whatever the job is, I do it with my kids.  They see mummy packing up and feel like they're being helped (kids also like to copy).  If they slack off (which they will try) I put a toy in their hands and guide them to the box. 

If none of the above work, they get the naughty spot.  It will sometimes come to this, but generally it's pretty easy as they're now use to cleaning up!  As you can see, I use whatever works.  Find whatever works for you and your kids.  Sometimes the same child will need a few different strategies, but once you find them use it til it's worn out!  Have fun!  All the best. 

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