Hi my son has acne because of an allergic reaction he had and he is only 4 what do i do?

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My son has acne and it all started from an allergic reaction that happened in march. I've already taken him to a docter and they said it was just childhood warts on his face. But there have been heads like from pimples come out of them one of them was2.5mm long and 0.25mm wide and well my son starts preschool next year and i don't want him to get teased because he has pimples on the left side of his face but it's mainly around his left eye.

there's 4 on the eyelid, 1in the inner corner of the eye and then 2or 3 just below it then 2 fair sized ones just below the centre of his eye, there are also 2 inbetween his eyes. The thing is they aren't going away they just keep getting bigger.

Does anyone know something i can do for my son?


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I would try taking him to dermatologist. There must be something they can do. They may be able to remove them if they are warts. If they are acne, then they may be able to give you something to treat them with.

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1st up I would dose him up with an anti-histamine. If you don't mind him being drowsy Vallergan is a great one and is stronger than most. ( if using Vallergan, dose him up on the sedative dose as this is stronger) If you want him not so drowsy I would use Zyrtec. Buy some Gamophen soap and wash his face with this trying to avoid the eye areas. This is a medicated soap used for conditions such as school sores and staph infections. If you are worried about this getting in his eyes try some Hamiltons Pinetarsol and a soap free wash such as Cetaphil which will not sting if it gets in his eyes. Is there any redness around these sores? If there is, this could be a sign of infection and a trip to a different doctor might help. You could also use Tissue Salts which is a dissolvable tablet. These come in many kinds so be sure to pick the right one (a good chemist or healthfood store should help you) There are tissue salts to combat acne and warts even in little ones. I would stress to your son not to touch these as he will spread them around the face. Clipping his nails right back and cleaning them often with Gamophen soap will help stop this. Carolines Cream is another great product you can use which is safe for little ones. It is a natural cream that combats everything including dryskin, scarring, acne and infections. However, this might not be of much help if you don't live in Australia due to brand names I have used. I would definately give your local Pharmacist a visit. Sometimes these guys/girls and a lot more helpful than a doctor. Good luck....

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