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Today my 2 1/2 year took off in a clothing store and I couldn't find her anywhere. The store went into 'yellow' mode locked down the doors and the sales clerks help me search. It took about 15 minutes to find her and I've never been so scared in my life! She was playing 'hid and go seek' and playfully jumped out of one the racks a yelled "BOO" to my relief. Does anyone have any tips for this? She won't ride in a stroller or cart. I was thinking about buying one of those backpack leashes.


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Josi - posted on 02/17/2009




how scary for you! my 21 month old son loves to hide in the clothing racks too. i have a cute little monkey harness i use on my son. he hates strollers and carts too. i love the harness because he has some freedom, but only so much. i thought i would get a lot of bad looks, but i've been surprised by how many nice things people say about me having my son on one. i hope it works for you!

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my son hates the cart sometimes but he goes in sometimes i just put him in the big part with something to look at like a toy or something i am gettting. I have a back pack leash and he hates it usually but its worth a try. lat time i used mine he didnt mind it to much i would try it..

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