hii,my daughter is 1yr 8 mnths old she has become very stubborn wat shud i do?


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Mardi - posted on 07/01/2009




she is a typical 'almost two year old'. my son is very stuborn and will try his luck around every corner, tesing my patience to it's limits. i just stick to my word, when i say NO it doens't change, and i give rewards when good manners have been practice. reward your child when she is not stuborn and difficult. small rewards, like reading her a book, or making her a nice cup of tea, or hiring her a nice DVD if she really out done herself with manners the day, or something like that. try not to argue too much, just explain what's the right thing to do, and then set the rules. if she brakes it or want to fight with you about it, it's TIME OUT. you turn your back and walk away, tell her you will talk to her again when she has cooled down or decides to listen to you again. children are very clever, they will test you when ever they can!

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What sort of things is she being stubborn about? Try to be firm & stick to your guns on the issues that are the most important, but let the minor things go. Negotiating with a toddler is hard enough - no need to waste your energy on the small stuff. Good luck :)

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