hii,my daughter is 1yr 8 mnths old she has become very stubborn wat shud i do?


Tiffanie - posted on 06/27/2009




give me some more details about how stubborn she is--what does she do? It's probably just a stage she's goin' through my son is almost 18 mos. old and it's getting impossible to take him anywhere esp. to restaurants to eat! So, just give it time and if she's being mean then discipline her as necessary -- i've started putting my son in timeout it's a min. for every year + 2 so sean is in timeout for 3.5 min. and if he tries to get up i just sit him back on the couch or i tell him to get back on the couch and he usually does...he has a certain spot on the couch that is the "timeout" spot and he's not allowed to have anything while in timeout not even his pacifier, toys, sippy cups...nothing! Try it and c how it works!!!

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