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I meant to add this to my last post. My 23 month old strong willed girl has a problem with hitting me and her older teenage sibling. I dont know where she could have learned hitting because we dont hit at home. She hits us when she is frustrated, angry, when goes to time out, or when she is throwing a tantrum. I have been slapped very hard in the face when trying to pick her up - and almost to the point of tears.
I do not spank and will not spank her. She is too young. I have told her how much it hurts mommy and gives me boo boos when she hits me.l I have put her on time outs, and also have put her in her crib. I dont know what else to do. Please help.


Wendy - posted on 08/21/2011




What worked for my girls is if you can catch their hand in the act of hitting, hold it and in a low tone of voice, say "No HIt! It hurts!" Your older child will have to do this also to keep it consistent. Keep it simple, just say NO HIT, it gets the point across and you are not spanking. If she still does it, give her a pillow, or something soft to take out her frustration on. Not you or your other child. Hopefully she will calm down enough and may be able to show you what made her mad/frustrated. I hope this helps, its hard when your child hits you...believe me I know! Wendy-Mom of 2 girls age 2 and 3.

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