Horrendous noise...

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My 16 month old lies on his back, rubs his heels together and makes the most awful sounds... He finds it fun! It's loud, screeching, annoying... and when we've tried to stop him he cries as if he's been hurt!

We've tried stopping him, tried ignoring him, tried giving toys, bringing him to his toys.... nothing works!

HELP!!!!! I'm getting headaches from this, no joke!


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Since he won't be distracted, ignore him. He will tire of it eventually. you can do some simple "training" by leaving the room each time he does it. If he wants to do it by himself, great! this way you wont' get a headache. If he wants an audience,he will quickly figure out that there is no audience for that behavior.


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Louise - posted on 12/14/2010




Good advice by Hannah. This is a new thing for him and once he is able to do more things he will stop on his own.

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