how can i get my 1 year old to stop pulling hair, biteing people an being so agressive 2wards people

Kimberley - posted on 07/19/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 1 year old is so agressive and wen i tell him not to hit or bite or pull peoples hair he does it all the more and what ever he has in his hand at the time ie sweeping brush hair brush or toys he will throw them at u with such force that it does actually hurt would be grate full on any ideas how 2 curb this before it gets out of hand


Justine - posted on 07/20/2009




My little girl has never had long periods of bein aggressive but she has had her moments i think boys can be worse, what we did when our little girl was young is instead of getting mad at her pretend to be really hurt and upset by what she was doing if she was too carried away and didnt pay attention we would put her on the floor and walk away being upset it n sit in the next room ( still be upset not mad) it normally would take her about 5 minutes to realise what was goin on and she wud come into the room to see what we were doin n give us a cuddle or after a while return to the room n she wud jus be sittin playin like nothin happened so jus sit down n carry on from where u left off. Never let him see aggression or be aggressive in return smackin back makes him think its acceptable to hit u when he thinks ur naughty. Its hard to pull off when u have people round but jus ask them to leave the room quietly and also to act like he has upset u.

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