how can i get my 17mo old to start listening to me like he use to?

Danica - posted on 07/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Before we moved we did not have roomates but when we moved into Our new home we needed help and so did Our friends that have 2 girls ages 2 and 3 in a half. They don't listen to there mom at all and there mom don't do good with them at all so that would be the reason for them not listening. Well my son Who is 17months pin keep up on all of there bad behavers with not obaying me. How can I get him to go back to how he use to be?


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Sophia - posted on 09/08/2012




children cant always explain how they feel --- so they act out how they feel. This is how he feels about everything thats going on in his life now. Keep talking to him... You need to understand that he cant understand why? people need to live with him? why these 2 girls dont ever go home? where is my old house? friends ? park? daycare? he will adjust but not overnight.

Kristin - posted on 07/18/2012




You and your roomate need to have a talk about her kids' bad behavior and how your kid is picking it up. Maybe enroll in a parenting course, discipline all the kids equally or move out on your own. My 16 month old daughter doesnt always listen to me either but shes just a baby who is exploring her new world, however she does not pick up her older brothers habits as I am pretty consitenet with disciplin in my house. I use 1 2 3 logic, time outs and gentle soothing voices, Since my 6 yr old son is ADHD i have had to learn how to communicate better with my kids and to not get frustrated. To me yelling, screaming doesnt work. Also when my 6 yr old is around other kids with bad behaviors and I see it all the kids get a talking to and a time out. With my 16 month old daughter I gently tell her no if she is doing something bad and give her something else to play with. Right now I am battling some sibling rivalry as my 6 yr old takes my daughters toys sometimes and she will get mad at him and hit him. I always grab her hands and in a gentle but stern voice say "Selena no hitting" and i will keep repeating it and holding her hands until she stops hitting. But she is my good child lol

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