How can I get my 2 1/2 yr old son to poo on the toilet & not in is pull-up? He is almost completely potty trained except for that.


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Sarah - posted on 05/28/2009




I've just kept on encouraging my son, sending him in with daddy, who he looks up to & reminding him that poos in pants are yukky!

I worked in childcare a few years back & it was explained to me that pooing in the potty/toilet can be scary as it litterally feels as if a part of their body is falling away, a sensation they don't get when it's right there squished up in their pants.

But well done at 2 & a boy is almost 4 & it's still hit & miss some days!

Dayna - posted on 05/28/2009




Thank you so much for your thoughts & encouragements! I am fully aware that it is on his time & NOT mine,...I just want to simply encourage him more to want to "put" his poop in the toilet. :O)

Becky - posted on 05/27/2009




you and i are in the same boat except my liltte girl is 3 1/2 her dr said it could be a sensory thing theres nothing you can really do but keep explaining to them that poop goes in the potty. i even bought my little one a poop book and elmos potty dvd of course it didnt help its all up to them all we can do is be patient.

Katherine - posted on 05/27/2009




Its up to him not you. With Summer here try letting him run around the backyard naked with his little potty chair out there with you. No diaper, no choice. Outside mistakes can be hosed into a flowerbed or something instead of messing up a carpet. In the end all potty training has to do with the child's level of interest and readiness.

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