How can I get my 2 year old to start potty training? Any ideas on what I should do?

Maria - posted on 01/24/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I've tried sitting her on the potty, put her undies and let her walk around in them. Ask her constatly if she has to go potty.


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Laurie - posted on 01/30/2011




The magic thing for my little girl was to run the water in the sink. I started when she was 1, put her on the potty, ran the water, and she went right away. By 15 months she was pee-trained, and 18m completely trained. Also, try aiming for times of the day when you know any normal person would need to go--especially after naps, when she wakes up during the nighttime, or first thing in the morning. Then praise the pants off of her when she successfully goes in the potty! And take the mistakes in stride. Whatever you do, don't make her feel bad about her need to pee or poop. As someone else said, letting her see you use the toilet might help too. It's awfully reassuring to know that everyone does it!

Also, don't bother asking her if she needs to go. Just time it in your head--every hour or so at least, and tell her cheerfully that we're going to the potty, and then we'll ______(play, eat lunch, whatever). If I believed my toddler every time she said she didn't need to go potty, I would be cleaning up an awful lot of pee.

Nicole - posted on 01/26/2011




best advice, if she is not ready, dont push her, it will discourage and it might take you longer to potty train. You can try asking her and off a treat or sticker but if she refuses dont push too hard. Especially at 2 when they are trying to be more independant, you trying to make her do something will not work. Let her in the bathroom when you go and let her flush the toilet and do other things associated with going to the bathroom, that may get her interested.

Summer - posted on 01/26/2011




My son want to be on the grown up toilet so i brough the children seat and place him there but nothing and so the routies go sometimes he uses it and sometimes he dont so just go with the flow, i think i am having a hard time since there are no male figures by me since its just me and him.

Michelle - posted on 01/26/2011




Most children start potty training when the are 2, but some are potty trained b4 this and others after. It really all depends on the child and when they are ready.... each child develops in their own time. How ever i potty train my son at 2 (because i needed him try b4 he started nursery) and when i did so he was dry during the day within a week the nights took a little while longer and found the night pants where the worst thing ever as to my son they was just like a nappy. Anyway i set a week aside where i did nothing didn't go out or nothing and let my son run round without a nappy and when he when to wee or poo i'd pick him up and put him on the potty and say this is where we go wee wee's or poo poo's, once my son had crasped this and went to potty himself when he wanted to go i put on underpants and showed him that he was to pull his underpants down when going on potty. once again once the got it then the trousers went on and the same thing... Your child will let you know when they are ready

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Does your daughter go into the washroom with you when you go? Does she seem interested in going potty? My daughter has started pottying and she started when she was ready. I have taken her in with me (otherwise as an infant she screamed) and it continued, then on her 1st birthday we started letting her sit on the potty for fun (a real toilet with a child seat on it) and she just started peeing one day so we did the praise. I ask her if she wants a sticker and if she does she gets it, usually she is just excited to play with toilet paper! Also, a suggestion I got was to go pick out a couple of "Potty Time" books which can be any book your child would like, but it is exclusively read on the potty. We are even rotating my daughters books so she gets excited to read the new books...when she is ready she will, jsut have to keep trying :)

Emma-Louise - posted on 01/25/2011




my son was 2 when I tried him, but that was because I wonted him out of nappies. He was not ready so I left it 3 months and we went out and he chose his pants and potty and a seat for the loo and even a steep to get up to the sinck. He did very well but you can only really start when they give you signs they are ready. Like telling you when they wee or poo or if they look down when weeing. Also I brought the potty into the room with us all around the house so he could see it, each time he did a wee a sticker was put on his chart and if he did a poo a sweet treat was given. It took me a month to get him established and he did have accidents but all you do is reward and praise and when it does go wrong lots of reasurance to be given. Good luck.

Jen - posted on 01/24/2011




tried my son wen he was 2 and did the same ecept he hated sitting on the potty n didnt even notice him self wet and coudlnt tell wen he needed to a wee or poo his 26 months nows n we am holding off stil still he can see wee or poo n is dry from naps etc etc

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