How can I get my 24 month old to eat more she's losing weight But she won't eat

Robin - posted on 06/12/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




my daughter had her 24 month old check up and she weights in at 21 pounds! she won't eat!


Tina - posted on 06/23/2010




You said in another post that you are letting her feed herself more- ???- As in you've still been feeding her by hand?
At 24 Mths she is more than capable to help you pick foods in the grocery store she might like to try and feed herself. Sounds like she is rebelling to me :) She wants to be treated like the big girl she is.

However- Please know that a Toddler has wildly ranging appetite- one day they may eat a morsel when the next day they eat like a ravenous beast...My daughter goes in 2-3 day cycles...she stuffs herself one day...and eats like a mouse the next...

Do give your daughter some autonomy and let her pick between two things- I always say- Two crappy choices are better than no choice at all and that will help her feel empowered!

Bri - posted on 06/20/2010




our daughter will be 4 in September and has weighed 28.5- 29.5 # for the last 16-18 months. We worried for quite a while, but similar to what someone else posted about being in the genes, my mom pointed out that what our daughter weighed at age 2 is what I weighed at age 3... so really she wasn't bad. The important thing (and dr agreed as well) was that she was happy, healthy.

As a baby learning to eat solids, she ate most anything offered and I even tried to make sure I offered things that I didn't necessarily like so she would enjoy more variety.

She was a very picky eater and I didn't want to cater to her and wanted her to learn to eat a variety. We tried the "she'll just eat what's in front of her" for 2 weeks and when she was losing weight, we went back to serving the 10 favorites- at least she was eating.

We do make sure that at least the things she does eat are nutritious vs. chips/cookies/etc. And we added Juice+, a type of whole-food supplement (basically ground up fruits/veggies as a chewable "vitamin"- there are lots of other Whole Food type supplements out there- check your local health food store)

As a 3 yr old she has increased from 10 favs and is now much more willing to try new things. Around the 3 yr mark we started implementing the "you're 3 yrs old so you need to try 3 bites" and that has worked really well... sometimes we even offer choices- "you can have 3 bites or 5 bites" which she takes as being silly "mommy, I'm only 3- not 5".

Alejandra - posted on 06/12/2010




have you tried pediasure as a supplament ...also go on the internet with her and look up recipes...have her help you in the kitchen so its more fun she gets to eat something shes helped make

Sheilda - posted on 06/18/2010




My girl is 28month and she is very picky in food and I do gave her Pediasure. She's only 8.5kg. She only take crunchy food. She will spit it out if she doesn't like it.

Jen - posted on 06/13/2010




hi i had the same problem with my 19 month old he will only snck he lost weight at his last weigh in 5 ounces in amonth he wouldnt eat normal food so wht i did was just try with baby food n it worked he ate it all then i started giiving him yougurts then i wud try normal food again sum days he will like the other day he ate sum fish dippers n he loved them n like yesterday he only had a bite of his dinner but it about him trying even if its a bite.


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TRACY - posted on 07/15/2010




I can relate to your situation all too well. My son is now two and since he was taken off formula his weight was 22 lbs. His pediatrician said that he needed more calories in his meals. For example when offering him mac and cheese I would use whole evaporated milk and butter to add more calories. The doctors also put him on Pediasure. My son is the world's pickiest eater but by following the doctor's advice he just turned two in June and he now weighs 26 lbs. One important thing too is that I never gave him juice which ruins the appetite and therefore the child will not eat solids. Someone also told me to put a tablespoon of olive in his meals and that adds 125 calories to the diet. I also sometimes bought Chef Boyardee's beefaroni and ravioli in the bowls and add the olive oil after I warmed it up. So basically whenever she would eat try to add the olive oil to her warm dishes and also butter to toast if she likes that. Adding butter to warm pasta is good also. Ask you pediatrician to prescribe Pediasure which is filled with nutrients that she may be missing .

Anita - posted on 06/23/2010




Put everything on a 'kebab' stick and I can guarantee she will eat it! Kids love eating from a stick lol. Just cook your veges until just tender and then pop them onto a stick with some meat also cut up and she will love it.

Madilyn - posted on 06/18/2010




Pediasure, Toddler formula, breastmilk that way she gets the nurition she needs but lacks from her solid diet.

Jessie - posted on 06/18/2010




My daughter is 3 1/2 & is only 27 lbs..she was only 16 Ibs around age two..but she drinks a toddler formula to supplement & it really helps...she can't do the pediasure because of dairy protien allergy & soy sensitivity..but drinks Neocate Splash drink boxes also...GI doctors seem to know quite a bit about different formulas and how they help with nutrician, depending on the doctor & cana lso refer to a nutritionist..have you tried seeing one? They can give samples of different things that might help.

Stephanie - posted on 06/15/2010




I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as she eats something. Our son is 24 months old and he won't eat any veggies (potatoes, carrots, peas etc.) The only veggie he will eat is Brocolli. Can't give that to hime everyday. He enjoys bread. Our doctor said that childern grow and eat things at there own rate and not to worry. I give him Sun Rype Vegie juice and V8 Splash. It is suppose to be a full serving of fruits and veggies.

Michelle - posted on 06/15/2010




dont worry both my kids are very small yet were good weight when born, they eat everything but eat all the time they just dont sit down! (my son is almost 4 and is 32 lbs. my daughter is 13 months and 16 lbs)
my doctor has said to add butter to things and heavy sauces also involve them in the process making of the food to get them to eat!

Nicole - posted on 06/15/2010




im in the same boat. my daughter is 23 pounds at 20 months. we try to get her to eat anything we can and she just picks at it or throws it to the dogs. so i just give her whatever she likes, cherrios, fruit, etc... im alittle worried but we are all so tiny in my family so its def in the genes. good luck!!

Sara - posted on 06/14/2010




shes at the age where she wants to choose what she wants to eat, most children dont want to eat what they are told they have to eat..they will eat what they want and only that lol. what do you mean by letter her feed herself more? you should of let her start doing that a way long time ago :)

Robin - posted on 06/14/2010




all of the times, she doesn't want to eat what we give her. It's getting a little better we're letting her have a choice in some of her food and letting her feed herself more. We're taking it one day at a time.

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