How can I get my 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter potty trained?


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each kid is different you have to find what works best for them...wiht my daughter I started her at a little over 2 years old...everyone told me to have her naked which i did and she would use the potty but she was always terrified when she went...she would cry so loud when going pee or poop that i thought we were making her day i just told her that there were no more diapers and that she is a big girl now i let her pick the under she wanted to wear and every 15-30 mins would ask her if she had to go...she responded best to that she did excellent her first week...its now been 2.5 months and shes only had 2 accidents....i did make a chart and put stikcers on it when she would go and i would sing and dance and all that and if she went she would get a cookie :D Good luck

Elexis - posted on 10/27/2009




just sit them on the toilet. they need to get into the habit of using the toilet so take about two weeks and give them lots of liquids and every 30 mins put the on the potty. when they go make a really big deal about it so they feel good about going. I used a sticker book/chart also and have them put a sticker in it whenever they use the potty

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