How can I get my daughter to eat??!!

Deana M. - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 3 in September. She will not eat anything except for yogurt, NutriGrain bars, peanut butter n jelly, grilled cheese, pizza and pancakes. I give her pediasure sidekicks too, Occasionally I can get her to eat those fruit and veggie squeeze pouches. This started when she was about 18 months old but has gotten progressively worse to her now only eating these things. She use to eat everything. I never used jarred baby food. I made everything myself. She ate all kinds of meat and fruit and veggies...even lima beans! Now its just these few things. Im past the point of frustration. She just had an awful bout with constipation which I blame her diet and potty training for. I used to deal with it because I felt like I had to feed her SOMETHING. I couldnt handle just not feeding her, but no she is almost 3, she is VERY advanced verbally so I know she understands everything I tell her. People tell me its just a phase but this has gone on too long already. Has anyone had this experience and what did you do about it? I welcome any suggestions please!! Im desperate :/


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Melissa - posted on 07/12/2012




That is all my son will eat too!!!!!! From what I have gathered from friends, my own and being a waitress and seeing every 2 year old not eat...its normal. However I am just as frustrated since my son was 1 he has been the pickiest eater! Wont even try things. No meat, no beans, no mac and cheese, no fruit or veggie.....i go from saying im going to take him to a specialist to no its normal.....I am finally at the point where i think a specialist is needed for my son.
Try the squeeze packs with veggie/fruit blend to get some fiber in son loves those! Also I give him baby oatmeal mixed with applesauce he likes that and it helps with constipation. I also give him some water during the day. BTW my son is 27months and only 21 lbs!!!

Determined - posted on 07/09/2012




my daughter is 3 and we've been going through it as long as you have. Supplementing with pediasure too. LOL at least your girl has food food for my daughter is grapes pb & j crackers, lunch meat by itself, or veggies by themself. I force her to eat one good meal a day though it's hard because I have a 1 year old too but she & I sit at the table and I spoon feed her just like I do the baby this can take up to an hour even if it's just a cup of mac & cheese and 1/4 of green beans she's is so stubborn she'll let food sit in her mouth until she gags its frustrating. Dr told me the same thing, she'll grow out of it and be consistent. What has helped the most is not reacting like when my daughter gags herself we walk to the trash can spit it out and take another bite, I don't scream or yell despite the fact that it drives me nuts and once she sees she's not getting the reaction she wants she caves and eats so she can go play. Good luck hang in there lol

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