How can I get my husband to be more interactive with our 4 year old?

Amanda - posted on 10/06/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a full time student in college plus I work a part time job with a half hour commute to school and an hour commute to work. Needless to say I'm always on the go. My husband is currently unemployeed and we have switched "roles". He now stays home with our son but when I come home from work or school. My husband is laying on the couch or outside with his buddies while my son is trying to find something to do to occupy his time (rarely does he find something productive). What should I do to get him to be a better parent so that I can have the piece of mind that its "ok" to leave my son at home with his dad all day?


LaLasha - posted on 10/06/2009




Tell him a child is not a pet and needs more attention then the family dog and to get his ass in gear. Have him take your son to the park, library story time, walks and bike rides 4 is alot of fun they can talk well don't need to be carried all the time if you guys have a childrens musesum that is a great place to take your child too anyway you need to tell your husband that he needs to be a dad full time now that he isn't working or he needs to get off his ass and get a job

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