how can i get my son off the dummy and stay in control????

Christina - posted on 03/19/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is two and wont give up his dummy. the only problem i have is staying strong..


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I am like BJ. My daughter was 2 and couldn't live without hers, she took it everywhere. One day it got "lost". My daughter wanted me to buy a new one but I told her the store didn't have anymore right now and that I will keep my eye open for one the next time I went shopping. Well after a couple days she forgot all about it. The whole time I had one ready but there was no crying fits like I expected. Sometimes distracting them with another "bedtime friend" works too. A teddybear or something like that some times work . My neice didn't want to give up hers either so her mom told her that "Teddy" lost his dummy too and was sad and asked her daughter to help make him feel better but not to talk about the dummy cause it only makes him more sad. From that night she made sure she had Teddy with her and never thought about her dummy.

Bj - posted on 03/19/2009




I feel your pain! Been there twice! Two of my daughters refused to give up pacifier! With both of them it got lost! LOL They were only allowed to have a nighttime and naptime and I believe it was the naptime I removed it and when she went to bed that evening it was gone so we looked and looked and looked and could not find it, they both did accept this dilemma with sadness but did get over it rather quickly! I was all set to have huge crying sessions with each of them and there were none. I would suggest either starting to talk about being to big and then figure out what works for you to stay strong. I personally liked the fact we lost ours (I had it the whole time but refused to give in because they didn't know I had it) so they were not mad at me for taking away, just accepted the fact that it got lost and Mommy wasn't buying anymore becasue we had no money. I've heard others that have gone to Build-a-Bear workshops and put pacifier in teddy bear so they still have it but can't use it. Good luck and you have to stay strong! It will pass and be accepted!

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My son had his until he was 3, he had it to bed. i tried and tried to take it away, which would mean restless nights for him. So i left it and told my know what he wont have it for ever, and if i let him decide when he doesnt want it then it will be easier. One day, which this had work for me, my son was complaining of sores on his mouth. I told him that maybe they were due to his soother and maybe it was time to get rid of it. Ever since that night, he no longer has a soother.

I know this wont work for everyone, cause it just met to happend this way for me. But if it doesnt hurt him or others, why not let him chose when its time to let go, just bring it down for naps and sleep time only.


Take him to the store, let him choose something he wants and get him to give the soother to the cashier and its trade for trade.

good luck!

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My son is two and still has his dummy, but only for sleeping.  I am going to get rid of it this summer.  I think in the summer when they are distracted and having fun out and about they will forget about it.  He has fallen asleep without it a few times so I know he can live without it.  It's just a matter of me being strong and taking it away from him for good.

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