how can i get my son to take a poop on the potty. he goes pee great but i cant get him to do a poop


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Ashley - posted on 02/04/2010




This poop problem seems to be prevalent in boys. My little fella (since 18 months old) went through so much pain as he suffered severe constipation and has gone through the last few years avoiding using the toilet for doing pooh; whether it's down to fear or laziness i'm not sure but it certainly is very frustrating. I've been to doctors who mostly ask about his diet of which is getting better slowly (he won't eat fruit or veg) ... he's never had a problem doing his wee's in the toilet. Hoping he'll eventually grow out of it.

Ashley - posted on 02/03/2010




I am having the same problem!!! He is great at going pee on the potty, but hates when he has to poop. It seems like he will hold it in for as long as possible- he goes days without going!! When he does end up going he screams the entire time. Not sure what to do, but I need advice as well ;)

Mandy - posted on 02/03/2010




We're going through the same thing. My daughter doesn't give any signs that she is going poo so I think we have to increase her fiber intake which will help. I just try to follow her around when I know she is due to poo soon and move her quickly to the potty to finish. This is what I did with my other kids and they finally get it.

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