how can i help my 6 mo. old son learn how to walk?


Esther - posted on 05/13/2009




You don't need to teach him. On average kids start walking at around 15 months I believe. Some start much earlier, some start later. I don't think I've ever heard of a 6 month old walking, although I'm sure my post will be followed by tales of exceptional kids who left the birth room walking. At 6 months most kids are just sitting up. They need to develop their back & neck muscles. They may or may not crawl first (usually around 7-8 months) and then the walking comes. But kids have a drive already built in to hit all those milestones whether we do anything or not. And since they grow up ridiculously fast as it is, I don't think you need to try to rush it. When he/she gets strong enough to start pulling him/herself up you can give them a walker for practicing and you can hold their hands and let them "walk" like that, but just let them develop at their own pace.

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LOL, why do you WANT your child to walk? it's so heavenly when they are at the stage where you can actually keep up with your child!! there are days i'm watching my kid run and jump and it just exhausts me.

that being said, we showed our son how to hold on to the bars on those floor activity gym mats while standing. we would balance him there, slowly releasing our hand from his back. he was so short, tipping over didn't really hurt him and it helped him learn balance. he thought it was great fun and loved it. it was a different way to "play" with him. we really didn't do it to teach him to walk though. his grandmother actually did it first before we thought to do it.

around 10 months or so when our son was cruising, we bought him a push toy to walk behind and push. he loved that one too. i'm not overly convinced it really helped him learn to walk tough. some kids have those things and don't walk independently until 16 months, but they are still normal.

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I agree with Esther that it shouldn't be rushed. Believe me, he'll be into everything before you know it! As far as helping him, I'd say it's all about helping him build the muscles in his legs and strengthening his joints, as well as him learning to balance. Let him practice pulling himself up on stable furniture or with your hands, and let him practice standing. He can't walk before he's ready, though!


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Emily - posted on 05/14/2009




get a jolly jumper or exersaucer so they can start "standing" and using they're leg muscles. Once they are comfortable with that they will start pulling themselves up on the coffee table or playpen probably not til 10 mo. or so. My son never used walkers or let anyone hold his hand. he started walking a few weeks before his first birthday. Now at 18 mo. he is running head first into traffic or the lake or anything that can kill him...sigh I can picture that drunken little run now....

Cidalia - posted on 05/14/2009




What's the rush? Give him room to be mobile, and he'll walk when he's ready. The younger they start, the more wobbly they are on their feet and more prone to falling and banging into things.

Anita - posted on 05/14/2009




My son was an early walker (8mths 3 wks to be exact) and believe me you'd like it better when their less mobile hehe..anyway,kids will walk when they're dont need to teach them...most kids walk btw 13-18 months on average but then you have those who walk a little earlier or a little later...Studies have found that the later they leave the walking the better...the crawling action exercises both sides of the brain (my son didnt do much crawling and that is why im getting down on my hands and knees playing and crawling and getting him to do activities as ball throwing with both hands,spinning around, and going to play sessions like gymbaroo)...

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