How can I keep mosquitoes off my son at night? :(

Charity - posted on 07/05/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son keeps getting eaten up during the night. I keep checking the house for mosquitoes, but go figure I can't find them. I need something I can put on him while he sleeps.


Liezl - posted on 05/29/2013




My husband absolutely hates mosquitos and goes through the whole-ten-yards to keep them off our son. We are currently living in Egypt and Feb-Apr has so many mosquitos it's ridiculous. We have a mosquito net over his crib and will transfer it to his bed when he's older.
Check the drug store for any lotions with LEMONGRASS base. Bennett's have a great mozzie-stick that's also lemongrass-based. The plug-ins work well, but don't repel completely. You also get candles, but they're quite pricy and burn out quickly. We travelled to a Malaria area when he was 5 months (during winter, which is not Malaria season) and applied all of the above and he wasn't bitten once.

Lynlee - posted on 07/08/2009




Check your hardware store - we bought plug-in mosquito repellers. You just plug in the unit each night and it repels bugs all night even with the windows - without screens - open. I have also used citronella essential oil dabbed on cotton ball and placed around the room.

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you could hang some dried eucalyptus/pepermint around the crib (out of his reach) or just use a little bit of essential oil (or these other oils also work as a natural repellent, just place a few drops on a cotton ball, or on a popsicle stick, and place them strategically around the crib, under the sheets, tape a stick to the opposite side of the railing etc)
# Citronella Oil
# Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
# Cinnamon Oil
# Castor Oil
# Rosemary Oil
# Lemongrass Oil
# Cedar Oil
# Peppermint Oil
# Clove Oil
# Geranium Oil
lol sorry for the long list, i'm a big fan of oils for everything!

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go and get urself a mosquito net either for a crib or bed...very easy to assemble.


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I'm not sure about a topical solution. However, I have seen the crib netting that you can install on the crib. The only thing to keep in mind is they style of crib you have. If the railings are too thick it won’t install correctly. We had to return ours because of this. As first time parents were convinced the cats would jump in the crib (they never did). If he's not in a crib then I would suggest one of those mosquito nets that hang from the ceiling? You can make or buy them. Not sure how old your son is so you want to make sure this doesn't pose any safety risks. Other than that, if you leave your windows open at night, check all screens for holes in them. You are unlikely to see a mosquito during the day but they have to be getting in somehow.. . .If you have window A.C., check to make sure there are not small gaps around the unit. . . . .

here is one website to look at but if you Google crib netting you will finds tons of stuff on the Market: - -- I think we originally got ours at Babies R Us but I can't find it at the moment. . .

And there's this website also: -- -honestly didn't think anything would show up under 'mosquito net' but . . . that's the internet for ya!!

NOTE: from a safety perspective it is most safe to have a bare crib. No blankets, bumpers, sleep positioners, or netting as they can ALL pose a safety hazard to your child - including death. Always use your parental judgement.

Personally, we have a video monitor with night vision so I comfort level with putting things in her crib (only a bumper though).

Good Luck.

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