How can I keep my son from destroying mini blinds in his bedroom?

D. - posted on 01/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 23 month old son who still sleeps in his crib. The goal is to move him to a twin bed in the next month or two. Our only concern are the mini blinds. Does anyone have advice on how to keep toddlers away from the desire of pulling on, ripping down and destroying mini blinds?

Should we put up something else besides mini blinds or are there childproof guards out there to help protect your blinds?


Crystal - posted on 01/18/2010




Urgh, I don't know! My little one gets up in the morning really quietly before our alarm goes off at 7 am, and he's already broken one piece off completely, and 4 others in half.

Now we're just leaving the things up partly out of his reach.

We're begging the landlady to let us change them to a shade or something. Other than just keeping them pulled up, I don't know what to tell you. I know he wasn't intentionally trying to break them - he was trying to look out, and just snapped them slamming down on them to see in between.

If you find something let me know!!! We're fighting him sometimes about the blinds in the living room, kitchen and our room. We're in apartments - we don't want the blinds up all the time!


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Amanda - posted on 01/19/2010




You don't!!! My 2 1/2 yr old is still doing it.. He destroyed the ones in his room and climbs on the dining room table to get to the ones in the dining room. I think kids will do anything to get to them!

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